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SAGES-2 FAQ for Test Success

At, we’ve gotten a lot of calls and a lot of questions from concerned parents regarding the SAGES-2. We’ve also given a lot of answers. Here’s our comprehensive list of SAGES-2 FAQ asked by parents like you.

Is the SAGES-2 timed?

No, the SAGES-2 is not timed. Still, each subtest takes about 20 minutes to administer. This applies for both the K-3 and 4th-8th grade versions of the exam. Your child should try and manage their time to the best of their ability. This requires that they pace themselves in the appropriate way.

What is the primary format of the SAGES-2 test?

Your child will come across a multiple choice questioning format on the exam. This format applies to all three subsections of the test. There are no short answer or essay questions. Students should practice skills such as process of elimination as a means of narrowing down the best answer choices. Encourage your students to use their best reasoning skills. When they are studying it may be helpful for them to verbally articulate their answer choices for you. Ask them why they chose or decided to eliminate a certain answer. If they can logically back up their claims, then they may be that much closer to selecting the correct choice.

How many answers do students have to choose from?

Typically, students are presented with five multiple choice options for each of the questions.

How is the SAGES-2 administered to students?

During the kindergarten through third grade version of the exam, the test is read aloud to students by the educational facilitator. As a result of this verbal component, the test is taken in a small group setting. In contrast, students who are taking the fourth through eighth grade version complete the test independently.

If the test combines multiple grade levels, do the questions increase in difficulty?

Yes, the questions grow in difficulty for each of the three subsections. This is because the test must cover material for each of the designated grade levels. While your child may surprise you and answer questions that are intended for an older student, they may also be unable to answer certain items.  Bottom line: it is important that they stay focused and try their best.


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Tammy Butts

Can I just give 2 of the subtests? 1 and 2? Will I be able to get a score from only 2 subtests?

See if supports your child’s test by your school district. If you don't see your child's school district listed, check with us! We have practice for other tests as well.

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