Terra Nova 2nd Grade Practice Questions

The TerraNova Test serves as an achievement test that is administered to students in grades K-12. The exam strives to assess higher-order thinking as well as other academic skills that the child has been taught in school. The test measures specific skill criteria such as achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary and spelling. The test is formatted as a multiple choice test, however 1st graders and above may be given free-response questions.

The second grade TerraNova is unique in that is was designed to build on the kindergarten and first grade exams. This skill progression is especially apparent on the “language” section, as the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar is more challenging. Additionally, the mathematics section begins to focus on content areas such as geometry, word problems as well as units of measurement (just to name a few). The practice questions below will provide your child with the ability to familiarize themselves with the test content as well as the question formatting.

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1.) Mathematics

Parents: Please tell your child to read the question and circle the best answer.

TerraNova 2nd Grade Practice Questions - Mathematics

2.) Language: Capitalization

Parent say to your child: “I am going to read the little story that is front of you. When I do, follow along on your page. You will notice that the story needs one more letter to be capitalized. Mark the circle in the row of words that contains the one word that needs a capital letter.”

  • look for me at the playground
  • on Saturday. You can always find
  • me riding the tire swing

3.) Science and Social Studies

TerraNova 2nd Grade Practice Questions - Science and Social Studies

4.) Sources of Information

Parent say to your child: “These practice questions use cards, dictionaries, tables of contents and maps. Read the instructions that come before the images then answer the questions by looking back at the images above the questions.”

TerraNova 2nd Grade Practice Questions - Sources of Information(picture)

If the children are aplphabetizing these cards, which card should go first?

  • Asparagus
  • Apple
  • Onion

5.) Vocabulary

Parent say to your child: “Look at the 3 pictures in a row. I’m going to say a word to you. Then you will fill in the circle under the picture that belongs with the word that I say.”

TerraNova 2nd Grade Practice Questions - Vocabulary

Answer Key

  1. b.
  2. Option 1
  3. Option 3
  4. B.
  5. Option 3


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6 Responses

A mother

If Q5 is the pic of the dog it should make it more clear that it is not a picture of a dog but a dog looking in the mirror bc option 1 is a reflection on trees on the water and 3 looks like a picture or painting of a dog hanging on a wall


The answer to the last example question should be option1. The water shows a reflection of the trees. Option 3 could be a picture not a mirror.


Kathryn –

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m having our Marketing Team change the answer.

All the best,



Question 5 shows the reflection of a tree in the water whereas the supposedly right answer is a picture of a dog. There is nothing to indicate the dog is looking in a mirror, so the correct test answer given is wrong. Other comments drew your attention to the wrong answer marked, and you did not change it online. There should be no room on a test for errors on the publisher’s part like this.


I’ll like to have the 100 questions to practice


You can always access our 100 Free Questions with this link: 100 Free Questions.

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