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Best Methods for WIAT Test Prep

Because the WIAT-III (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Third Edition ) is a traditional achievement test, it is designed to measure your child’s ability, skill and knowledge over a wide range of subjects, which your child has been taught, usually as a result of classroom instruction. These tests reveal what your child knows and her proficiency in each part of the material.  It is used for gifted and talented testing to assess your child’s academic progress. So as much as you possibly can, avoid using the words “test prep” or “IQ” or “exam practice” in front of your child! Instead, call your practice sessions something like “Smart Kids Say…” or “Brain Teasers” or “Pet Puzzles” — whatever your child already shows an interest in, try to incorporate that theme into your overall routine. (Especially avoid talking about any specific subtests around your child, because psychologists and school administrators want to ensure that no students have been exposed to the materials that are actually on the WIAT-III primary or ancillary subtests.) Luckily, our resources are similar, but not identical to questions your child may be given, but it’s best not to discuss your WIAT test prep methods with anyone beforehand.

Kids love to play video games on laptops or iPads, so you can feel confident letting your child practice as much as he or she likes using the interactive questions we offer in Digital Tutor (all interactive learning games available on our site are included with any membership).

One of the best ways to prepare for the WIAT is with the game IQ Fun Pack. IQ Fun Pack utilizes questions from some of the most popular tests (including the WIAT) to help prepare your kids for the test in a way that’s challenging and so much fun that they will love test prep. Click here to see the perspective of parent who has had success with IQ Fun Pack.

Another way to have your kids prepare for the WIAT is playing games with design blocks like the ones found here. These blocks are similar to the pattern questions that are asked on the test and can help build the necessary skills needed to excel on these types of questions.

We also strongly recommend using workbooks and educational games to practice with, such as those available from Aristotle Circle. As a bonus, all memberships include a 20% discount on products that are purchased through our store.

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3 Tips to Make WIAT-III Prep Fun

  • Expose your child to the wonderful world of riddles. Learning age-appropriate riddles can be a fun, interesting way to expand your child’s vocabulary, reading comprehension, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Another surprising benefit? Laughter causes the brain to release dopamine and the pituitary gland to release endorphins, both of which ease stress and promote relaxation.
  • Point out similarities and differences everywhere you go. Try asking questions like, “How is the microwave like our oven?” when you’re cooking dinner (both heat up food/drinks and are found in the kitchen) or “What makes an orange different from a peach? How are they alike?” (both are fruits that are orange in color, but peaches have fuzzy skin you can eat and one large, inedible pit in the center; oranges have seeds/can also be seedless and must be peeled first, then pulled apart into segments before eating). Soon, your child will be doing this exercise naturally and without any prompting!
  • Sneak in test prep that’s cleverly disguised as a fun board game called IQ Fun Pack. Since the WIAT tests achievement in children aged 4 and up, you’ll see great results using our proven, fun board game that’s designed specifically to build the underlying skills needed to do well on traditional IQ tests and cognitive aptitude assessments – and kids love playing it so much, they don’t even know that they’re learning! Become a yearly member to save $100 off your IQ Fun Pack purchase.

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Susan Smith

The WIAT-III is an achievement test not an IQ test. You are thinking of the WISC

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