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How is the WIAT Test Scored?

WIAT test scoring (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®-Third Edition) is based on several derivations of status scores and growth scores.

There are as follows:

  • Status Scores
  • Standard Score
  • Percentile Rank
  • Normal Curve Equivalent
  • Stanines
  • Growth Scores
  • Grade Equivalent
  • Age Equivalent
  • Growth Scale Values

For standard scores, each number given shows the level at which your child is performing.

Very superior scores are scores over 130.

Superior scores range from 120-129.

High Average scores range from 110-119.

Average scores ranger from 90-109.

Low scores range from 80-89.

Borderline scores range from 70-79.

Extremely Low scores are scores under 69.

The administrators then use these scores to interpret performance by noting and comparing the following, noting the pattern of strengths and weaknesses:

  • Growth Scale Values
  • Grade-Based and Age-Based Scores
  • Composite Scores
  • Score Differences
  • Statistical Significance of Score Differences
  • – Frequency of Score Differences
  • – Qualitative Evaluation of Subtest Component Score Differences
    • Out-of-Level Item Set Performance

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