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Fort Bend ISD Gifted and Talented Testing

The Fort Bend ISD offers a gifted program for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The district strives to provide opportunities for students to develop creative and critical thinking skills through a challenging and innovative curriculum.

Identification of students in Fort Bend ISD who qualify for gifted and talented services happens in three phases. First, a student is referred by a parent, teacher, counselor, or student. Second, the student is assessed using several sources of data. Third, the selection committee will review all information and identify students for placement in the program.

All students in 2nd grade take the CogAT as a universal screener. However, parents who want their 2nd grader to be considered for the GT program must refer their student during the fall referral window. All other referred students will also take the CogAT. The district does not give the exact percentile needed to qualify for GT services. They do, however, state that students who qualify typically score in the gifted/high ability range on the non-verbal test AND on either the verbal OR quantitative test.

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Fort Bend ISD students in 1st-11th begin services the following school year. Kindergartners begin receiving services by March 1st of the current year. All students enrolled in the GT program are required to participate in the Texas Performance Standards Project every year. The TPSP is an independent research project students complete during the school day.

In grades K-5th, students are grouped in clusters and work with a GT-trained teacher in one or more of the following subjects: English language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. Two of the strategies used in the classroom are curriculum compacting and lesson differentiation.

Students in grades 6th-12th must enroll in Pre-AP and AP classes in the subjects they are identified for. These classes are taught by GT-trained teachers. Students in grades 6th-8th are eligible to apply to the Gifted and Talented Academy at Quail Valley Middle School.

If there are more applicants than the capacity of the incoming 6th-grade class at the Academy, GT applicants who have a CogAT SAS score at or above 130 (97th percentile) on at least one of the subtests are entered into a random lottery. If seats are still available after that lottery, a second lottery is held for all other eligible students.

Students in 11th grade can apply for the 12th grade GT Mentorship program. This innovative course is for a small number of students who have developed an authentic research question. If accepted, students work alongside a professional mentor to engage in original research and complete a project development project.

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