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San Antonio ISD Gifted & Talented Program

San Antonio ISD – San Antonio, Texas Gifted & Talented Program

San Antonio ISD (SAISD) offers gifted and talented learners with services that promote eligible students’ unique intellectual and academic gifts. 

The program uses collaboration with classroom teachers, student and parent involvement, and contemporary learning tools to foster students’ development and critical skills such as leadership, self-directed learning, analytical thinking, and more.

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San Antonio ISD offers a range of programs to students identified as gifted. In addition to being placed with a G/T trained teacher, receiving differentiation in general education classrooms, and participating in advanced-level courses, GATE students also receive pullout services that may take the form of in-person learning, virtual and asynchronous touchpoints, and mentoring by a specialist. 

Pullout services for elementary students include developing and presenting research projects based on their personal interests, and a social/emotional curriculum that focuses on exploring giftedness.

At the middle school level, students 6-8 participate in enrichment offerings that are based on the following areas of focus: 

  • 6th Grade: Identity Development 
  • 7th Grade: College Bound Assessments 
  • 8th Grade: Career and Educational Goal Setting

In grades 9-12, gifted students participate in services that are based on the Department’s CCMR Scope & Sequence and include a focus on summer enrichment and internship opportunities, as follows:

  • 9th Grade: Giftedness, Mindset, and Goal Setting 
  • 10th Grade: Strategies for Academic Success & Postsecondary Goal Setting for the Gifted Student 
  • 11th Grade: Identity, Achievement, & Postsecondary Options for Gifted Learners 
  • 12th Grade: Self-advocacy, Self-regulation, Finalizing Postsecondary Goals, and Gifted Adulthood 

In addition to the GATE program, San Antonio ISD also offers the Leadership and Visual Arts (LAVA) program in order to identify students with exceptional  potential, educate them in unique areas of giftedness, and engage them in experiential leadership opportunities.

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Testing for San Antonio’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) eligibility takes place annually.

Students may be referred for assessment by an interested party such as a parent, guardian, or teacher. All first and fifth grade students are universally screened using the CogAT test for potential eligibility.

Students that demonstrate gifted potential proceed to be fully considered for GATE services. 

Students may participate in a variety of offerings through the GATE program including differentiation in the classroom, advanced level coursework, and/or enrichment opportunities.

A district committee reviews referred students’ qualitative and quantitative data to determine if services are needed. 


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