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BSRA™ Test (Bracken School Readiness Assessment™)

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA Test) is an individual cognitive test designed for children, pre-K, kindergarten, first grade and second grade. BSRA measures a child’s exposure to concepts necessary for learning at school. It aims to assess a child’s understanding of 85 foundational academic concepts.

The Bracken Test was first published in 2002. It was written by Bruce Bracken, PhD. The Bracken Test scores can be converted to percentile rank scores and standard test scores. The publisher has supporting guides for converting standard Bracken test scores into criterion categories. The BSRA test can be used with children as young as 2.6 years of age.

Bracken Skill Assessment

The BSRA Test contains six subtests the child will be tested on:

  • Colors – Your child needs to identify common colors by name (i.e. red, blue)
  • Letters – Your child needs to know lower-case and upper-case letters
  • Numbers and Counting – Your child must identify single and double-digit numerals. Also he must be able to count items up to 1 to 99.
  • Sizes – Your child must demonstrate knowledge of words used to depict size during Bracken test (e.g., short, long, etc.)
  • Comparisons – Your child needs to differentiate or match objects based on a specific characteristic.
  • Shapes – Your child needs to knowledge of basic shapes by name.

The BSRA™ test assesses whether or not your child knows basic information that children should have acquired by a particular age. It is the same for Pre-K as it is through 2nd grade. There are no levels. Younger children can miss more questions on the Bracken than older children can miss. At the pre-K level, the Bracken is always given at the same time as the OLSAT. For older children, they are sometimes given separately when they are given in school.

The BRSA is primarily used to assess children’s knowledge of basic concepts necessary for success in preschool, kindergarten and early elementary classrooms. Some public and private schools use the Bracken to determine student eligibility for gifted and talented programs. The test also is used to screen for underlying language disorders that may require further intervention.

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