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IQ Tests

The first Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test was created in 1905 and was designed to measure the intelligence a child needs to succeed in an academic environment. It covers language, information/knowledge, memory, math, spatial, thinking (cognitive ability, speed/ response time) and fine motor skills.

By age 5, most children in America will have been given some kind of intelligence test– for private school admissions, gifted and talented qualification or public school placement in slow, average or accelerated learning groups.

The two most commonly given IQ tests are the Stanford-Binet and the Weschler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-III (WPPSI). The Stanford-Binet can be administered to children aged two and up, and the WPPSI can be given to children ages two through seven. Questions on these IQ tests do not change from year to year. In fact, the Stanford-Binet has only been changed five times since 1905, and the WPPSI has changed a mere two times since 1967.

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SB5 – Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition





TestingMom offers test prep and testing tips for IQ testing for your child, as he is entering the gifted and talented program at school.

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I love testing mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just want to know how to identify a gifted child.




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My highly gifted adopted eight year old son has been tested twice for gifted. They only did a basic preliminary test twice and he did not qualify for gifted either time. I know he is gifted. In second grade at a private catholic school in our town, his teacher struggled to find reading material, even through the fourth grade for him. His classroom standardized test scores are in the 120 range. We just want to have an individualized IQ test for our own knowledge to substantiate what we have known since his birth. How do we find someone nearby to preform this test? Will his insurance assist in the cost of the test? Thank you. .

Giselle Layson

My son is 4years old and so many parents/teacher has been telling me to bring him to genius school because his different.. When he was 1year old he recognize and know how to read already. Now he read faster,even in school he remember everything about the lesson from school. His teacher been telling me he could remember the lesson the next day and he has a good memory. I’ve been ignoring people everytime they tells me about this. But now, I really wanted to try my sons knowledge. I’m just womdering if you guys could help me?


Its great it has so many tests! how do you practice the IQ test

Marcus Bruner


We support many different IQ tests on our website with a paid subscription!

All the best,



I TRULY need to get Anthony into a place where he can exel not be bored

Marcus Bruner

Hi Laurie –

With a membership to, Anthony will have full access to our website. So whether he needs to prepare for a Gifted and Talented exam or use one of our 37 partner websites in our Skill Building Academy, we have you covered!

All the best,



How do we do the IQ test ?

Marcus Bruner

Hi Shushma –

Thank you for reaching out to us.

IQ Tests are administered by psychologists. Many times, this is setup by your child’s school, so I would recommend reaching out to them first.

All the best,



So much fun



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