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Achievement Tests

Achievement tests are designed to measure your child’s ability, skill and knowledge over a wide range of subjects, which your child has been taught, usually as a result of classroom instruction. These tests reveal what your child knows and her proficiency in each part of the material.  It is used for gifted and talented testing to assess your child’s academic progress.

These tests generally cover the following abilities and subjects: oral language, reading, math, spelling, writing, vocabulary, social studies, science, editing, humanities and sources of information (maps, diagrams and reference materials).

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Click below to read more about Achievement Testing:

AABL® – Admissions Assessment for Beginning Learners®
BSRA™ – Bracken School Readiness Assessment™
Chicago CPS – Classical School Program
CTBS™ – Canadian Test of Basic Skills™
CTP® – ERB Test
Houston G&T Testing (Vanguard Program)
ISEE® – ERB Test
ITBS® – Iowa Test of Basic Skills®
SCAT – School and College Ability Test for Johns Hopkins CTY
TerraNova®, Third Edition
WIAT®-III – Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®-III
Woodcock-Johnson® III Tests of Achievement
Woodcock-Johnson® IV Tests of Achievement

TestingMom offers test prep and testing tips for achievement testing for your child, as she is entering the gifted and talented program at school.

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