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HSPT Language Skills Practice Questions

The HSPT Language Skills subtest covers various aspects of the English language. This subtest is organized into three parts: Usage, Spelling, and Composition.

  • Usage – identifying word usage, capitalization, and punctuation mistakes in sentences
  • Spelling – identifying spelling errors in sentences
  • Composition – writing effective sentences, combining sentences, and composing effective paragraphs

Below you will find sample questions that are representative of Language Skills questions your child will see on the test but are not taken directly from the actual HSPT that is being administered this year.

1. Choose the sentence that contains an error in punctuation, capitalization, or usage. If there is no error, select D.

A. Neither the green crayon nor the purple marker is on the desk.
B. Does rudolph really have a red nose?
C. London Bridge crosses the Thames River.
D. No errors.

2. Choose the sentence that contains an error in punctuation, capitalization, or usage. If there is no error, select D.

A. The job will take approximately six hours.
B. Bob always listens to the entertainment news segment.
C. The back row of merchundise is on sale.
D. No errors.

Choose the word that best completes the sentence below.

3. The house on the corner has a           dog that growls, shows its teeth, barks angrily, and pounces at the fence.

A. random
B. tremendous
C. dutiful
D. hostile

4. Which sentence does not belong in the paragraph below?

(1) Many seabirds have long lifespans. (2) The Atlantic Puffin, for example, can live up to 30 years or more. (3) These birds are white and black with orange beaks. (4) Because of their long lifespans, they can take several years to mature.

A. Sentence (1)
B. Sentence (2)
C. Sentence (3)
D. Sentence (4)

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