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HSPT Mathematics Practice Questions

The HSPT Mathematics subtest covers two basic types of questions: Concepts and Problem Solving. These questions are drawn from arithmetic, elementary algebra, and basic geometry.

  • Concepts – understanding and applying terminology and rules of math, elementary algebra, and basic geometry. These questions tend to be more direct, short, and focus on a single mathematical concept.
  • Problem Solving – solving quantitative problems efficiently and accurately. These questions tend to be longer and resemble a “story problem” type format.

Below you will find sample questions that are representative of Mathematics questions your child will see on the test but are not taken directly from the actual HSPT that is being administered this year.

1. What is the decimal expansion of 4/5?

A. 0.40
B. 0.80
C. 0.75
D. 0.45

2. Kevin drove 75 miles in 50 minutes. Which other driver drove at about the same rate?

A. Jimi drove 45 miles in 30 minutes.
B. Stephanie drove 50 miles in 45 minutes.
C. Cassidy drove 15 miles in 25 minutes.
D. Dana drove 100 miles in 75 minutes.

3. When multiplying a number by 104, the decimal point will move

A. three places to the right.
B. four places to the left.
C. two places to the left.
D. four places to the right.

4. Four years ago, Madison’s mother was twice as old as she was. Now that Madison is 24, how old is her mother?

A. 44
B. 48
C. 46
D. 42

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