Iowa Test 3rd Grade Sample Questions

The Third grade ITBS was designed to build on the second grade test while also highlighting the more advanced nature of the exam questions. This skill progression is especially apparent in sections such as reading comprehension. The more complicated text and comprehension questions require the student to pay close attention to the sequence of events, context clues and important vocabulary. Additionally, the vocabulary subtest requires that the student be able to match visual clues to vocabulary, identify the meaning of words and understand grammatical rules.

The math section highlights critical skills such as fractions, addition, subtraction, geometry and word problems. The math subtests encompasses an array of different quantitative problems that require the student to be as prepared as possible.

As you are going through the practice questions, you will observe that each test level within the ITBS consists of a series of subtests. Sections in the ITBS for third to eighth grade (levels 9-14) include:

  • Vocabulary test: This section assesses the student’s knowledge and understanding of words and their meanings. Students are presented with words in context and are required to choose the correct meaning or synonym from a list of options.
  • Word Analysis (3rd grade, level 9 only): This section evaluates the student’s ability to recognize and analyze word patterns, such as phonics, syllables, and word families. It helps determine a student’s ability to decode words and develop reading skills.
  • Listening (3rd grade, level 9 only): This section measures a student’s listening comprehension skills. Students listen to a passage or a series of statements and answer questions based on the information presented. This section assesses their ability to understand, remember, and interpret auditory information.
  • Reading/Reading Comprehension: This section evaluates a student’s ability to read and understand written text. Students are presented with passages and are required to answer questions based on the content, main idea, and details of the passage.
  • Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, Usage and Expression: This section covers various aspects of language arts, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Students are assessed on their ability to spell words correctly, use proper capitalization and punctuation, and demonstrate an understanding of grammar rules.
  • Mathematics Concepts and Estimation, Problem Solving, Date Interpretation, Computation and Social Studies: This section tests a student’s understanding of mathematical concepts, their ability to solve problems, interpret data, and perform calculations. Topics covered include number sense, operations, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. This section assesses a student’s knowledge of history, geography, government, and economics. Students are asked questions about various social studies topics, such as historical events, cultural differences, and the functions of government.
  • Science: his section evaluates a student’s understanding of scientific concepts, including life, earth, and physical sciences. Students are asked questions about various topics, such as the characteristics of living organisms, earth processes, and the properties of matter.
  • Sources of Information (Maps, Diagrams, Reference Materials): This section tests a student’s ability to locate, interpret, and use information from various sources, such as maps, diagrams, and reference materials. Students are required to analyze visual information and use it to answer questions.

the ITBS test for 3rd grade covers a wide range of subjects, aiming to assess students’ academic performance across various disciplines. The test measures skills such as vocabulary, word analysis, listening, reading comprehension, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and the ability to use and interpret different sources of information.

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1.) Language (Capitalization)

For this next group of questions, read the first 3 lines to yourself. You will notice that there may be a mistake in capitalization. If there is a mistake, mark the circle in front of the line that contains the capitalization mistake. If there is not a mistake, fill in the circle that reads “no errors.”

  We went to the best chocolate shop
  on my trip to paris. You’ve never seen
  such fancy bon bons in your life.
  no errors

2.) Math

Read the question and circle the best answer.

What is the next number in the pattern?
1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21…

a) 24
b) 25
c) 28
d) 30

3.) Reading (Picture Story)

Look at the picture. Below the picture are incomplete sentences that describe what is happening in the picture. Read each sentence and choose the answer that completes the sentence in a way that describes what is happening in the picture.

ITBS 3rd Grade Sample Questions - Reading Picture Story

Dad will put up _____.

a) tent        b) an umbrella        c) sign        d) a canopy

4.) Social Studies and Science

Mark the picture that shows a form of transportation people use that protects the environment.

ITBS 3rd Grade Sample Questions - Science and Social Studies


5.) Sources of Information

These practice questions use cards, dictionaries, table of contents and maps. Read the instructions that come before the images, then answer the questions by looking back at the image above the questions.

Look at the map below. It is a map of a school fair. Answer the questions below by looking at the map.

ITBS 3rd Grade Sample Questions - Sources of Information

On which wall is Used Clothing?

a) South and East
b) South and West
c) North and East


1.) 2, Paris

2.) c.

3.) b, Umbrella

4.) 1

5.) a

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We certainly do have grammar questions with a paid membership. The 100 Free Questions are designed to give a sampling of many of the tests that we provide access to.

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