NNAT 3rd-4th Grade Sample Questions

The NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test) is crucial in qualifying students from kindergarten to 12th grade for gifted and talented programs. Employing a nonverbal model centered around shapes and figures, assesses students’ problem-solving abilities effectively. Unlike traditional school-based assessments, such as the OLSAT, the NNAT prioritizes evaluating visual-spatial reasoning skills.

The NNAT’s widespread adoption in US school districts cements its popularity for gifted and talented program admissions. Moreover, the most recent iteration, NNAT3, offers a comprehensive evaluation with 48 questions, further categorized into four distinct question types. This updated version effectively assesses students’ cognitive potential, identifying talent across various age groups and academic levels.

These question types include:

  • Pattern completion
  • Reasoning by analogy
  • Serial reasoning
  • Spatial visualization

As students progress into third to fourth grade, they encounter the NNAT Level D exam, a more comprehensive evaluation. This assessment encompasses spatial visualization, reasoning by analogy, serial reasoning, and pattern completion questions, promoting the expansion of problem-solving skills and nonverbal reasoning abilities. Unlike Levels A to C of the NNAT3, Level D integrates questions from both 3rd and 4th grades, showcasing students’ cognitive growth and adaptability.

While 3rd-grade students typically excel at grade-level questions, they’re encouraged to tackle more challenging items with dedication. The NNAT organizes questions in ascending difficulty, helping students identify areas needing extra attention and practice.

To aid your child’s preparation, we provide sample questions customized for third and fourth-grade levels. Additionally, these questions are categorized to enhance their understanding of test content.

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NNAT 3rd-4th Grade (Level D) Sample Questions

1) Pattern Completion

NNAT Pattern Completion for 3rd-4th graders is a section of the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) that assesses a student’s ability to identify and complete visual patterns and sequences. In this portion of the test, students are presented with a series of visual patterns or sequences, and one part of the pattern is missing. Consequently, their task is to discern the underlying pattern or rule governing the sequence and select the correct piece to fill in the missing part.

Example #1: Parent say to your child: “Look at this puzzle.” Point to the empty box and say “something is missing.” Point to the answer choices and say, “which of these answer choices goes here?” Point back to the empty box and say, “here.”

Note: This is an example of a 3rd grade question.

Pattern Completion - NNAT

2) Reasoning by Analogy

NNAT Reasoning by Analogy for 3rd-4th graders involves assessing a student’s ability to recognize and apply analogical relationships between visual elements and shapes. In this section of the test, students are presented with a series of visual elements or shapes arranged in a specific pattern. Therefore, their task is to identify and apply the logical relationships between these visual elements to find the missing piece that completes the pattern.

Example #2: Parent say to your child: Look at the figures on top. They go together in some way. Choose a figure from the answer row that goes with the figures on the bottom the same way the figures on top go together.

Note: This is an example of a 4th Grade question

Reasoning by Analogy

3) Serial Reasoning

3rd-4th Grade NNAT Serial Reasoning is a component of the test that evaluates students’ ability to analyze visual sequences. In this section, students encounter rows and columns of visual elements or shapes. Their task is to identify patterns and transformations and predict the next figure, assessing their logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Therefore, this segment encourages students to apply rules and relationships to visualize the progression of shapes in the sequence. It promotes critical thinking and analytical abilities.

Example #3: Directions: Look at the shapes in the boxes across the rows and up and down the columns. Do you see how they are related to each other? Can you find the answer that goes in the empty box so the designs inside the rows and columns follow a pattern or rule?

Note: This is a 3rd Grade question

Serial Reasoning

4) Spatial Visualization

NNAT Spatial Visualization presents students with complex visual patterns that require them to decipher transformations and identify underlying relationships. This process stimulates problem-solving skills and fosters critical thinking, which are essential for their cognitive growth and overall development. Additionally, these skills contribute to their ability to tackle diverse challenges in academic and real-world settings.

Example #4: Parent say to your child: “Look at this puzzle” point to the empty box and say, “something is missing.” Point to the answer choices and say, “which of these answer choices goes here?” Point back to the empty box when you say “here.”

Note: This is a 4th Grade question.

Spatial Visualization - NNAT


1.) B

2.) B – Completes the overall design, like a puzzle

3.) C – different shading, all the figures are different

4.) D


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