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What is the Bracken Test?

The BSRA™ helps to determine if a child is ready for school.

As a family of products in concept development, the Bracken assessments differ in focus and item type. In the BBCS-3:R, the child simply points to a correct picture. This is a nonverbal task. In the BBCS-E, the child verbally responds to stimulus items. The BSRA-3 is a school readiness screener; it evaluates just 5 areas of the full BBCS assessments. Together, they are a powerful set of tools for a child’s concept formation and academic success.

Breakdown for Bracken

The test includes five subtests to assess basic concepts related to school readiness:

  • Colors
  • Letters
  • Numbers/Counting
  • Size/Comparison
  • Shapes
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