i-Ready Diagnostic for 4th Grade

i-Ready Diagnostic 4th Grade Sample Questions

The i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive online test that is intended to show your child’s understanding of Math and Reading and help figure out what your child is ready to learn next. As an adaptive test, questions will get easier or harder depending on how your child is progressing on the test.  Questions may range up to three grade levels above your child’s current grade.

The i-Ready Diagnostic is given in the following order for children in 4th Grade.


  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking –  In this section, students’ understanding of algebraic concepts is assessed, focusing on patterns, relationships, and functions. They work with more advanced equations and learn to solve problems using various strategies, building on their knowledge from previous grades.
  • Numbers and Operations – This section evaluates students’ ability to recognize and work with numbers, including counting, comparing, adding, and subtracting. Students delve deeper into place value, arithmetic operations, and the introduction of fractions and decimals.
  • Geometry – The Geometry section assesses students’ knowledge of geometric shapes and their properties. They continue to identify, classify, and manipulate shapes while exploring spatial relationships, patterns, and more advanced geometric concepts, such as symmetry and transformations.
  • Measurement and Data – This section covers concepts related to measurement and data, such as length, weight, time, and temperature, building on the foundation laid in earlier grades. Students learn to use different tools and units for measurement and practice interpreting and representing data in various forms, including more complex graphs and charts.
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  • Vocabulary – The Vocabulary section assesses students’ understanding of a wide range of words, their meanings, and their usage in context. Building a strong vocabulary is essential for reading comprehension and effective communication, and this section helps students expand their word knowledge.
  • Comprehension: Literature – In this section, students are tested on their ability to understand and interpret literary texts, such as stories, poems, and plays. They delve deeper into analyzing characters, settings, events, themes, and central messages, enhancing their critical thinking and inferential skills.
  • Comprehension: Informational Text – This section focuses on evaluating students’ ability to comprehend informational texts, such as articles, reports, and nonfiction books. Students practice identifying main ideas, supporting details, text structures, and author’s purpose in a variety of informational text types, further developing their comprehension and analytical skills.
  • Phonics (if your child’s overall scale score is less than 511) – For students with an overall scale score of less than 511, this section helps reinforce their ability to recognize and decode letters and their corresponding sounds. They continue to develop their decoding skills, focusing on more complex letter combinations and patterns, essential for reading fluency.
  • High-Frequency Words (if your child’s score on the Phonics domain is less than 421) –  For students with a Phonics domain score of less than 421, this section targets their ability to recognize and read high-frequency words, also known as sight words, which are commonly found in texts. Mastery of high-frequency words promotes reading fluency and comprehension.

Below you will find sample questions that are representative of 4th Grade questions your child will see on the test but are not taken directly from the actual i-Ready Diagnostic that is being administered this year.

100 Free Practice Questions

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Which choice is most nearly the opposite of the underlined word?
The restaurant was very obliging and moved us to a bigger table.

A. forceful
B. compelling
C. difficult
D. unpleasant

Refer to the map below:

2. Which statement is FALSE?

A. The south-western car park is next to the train station.
B. The northernmost street is Elmville Road.
C. The café is due south of the baseball field.
D. The school is to the east of City Park.

Read the poem:
Silver, black, silver, black,
Chrome and tiles and “mind the gap.”
A rush of air, a burst of light
Strangers’ faces fly from sight.

3. Where is the poem most likely set?

A. A bus station
B. A subway station
C. A railway station
D. A gas station

4. Which number comes next?
92, 105, 118, 131, 144, ____

A. 159
B. 160
C. 157
D. 165

5. Calculate the perimeter and area of the green grid.

A. Perimeter = 52 yards     Area = 42 square yards
B. Perimeter = 42 yards Area = 104 square yards
C. Perimeter = 26 yards Area = 104 square yards
D. Perimeter = 104 yards Area = 42 square yards

6. Solve:

X  4

A. 174
B. 182
C. 482
D. 712

7. Fill in the blank with the correct word choice.
_______ dog is barking outside?

A. Who’s
B. Whose
C. Whom
D. Who

8. Choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly.

A. Before I leave the house each day I grab my lunch.
B. The dog ran across the yard, and retrieved the frisbee.
C. I don’t like to watch Hallmark movies but I like Hallmark greeting cards.
D. Our teacher gave us each a pencil before she gave us the test.

9. Which reference material would you use to find how to pronounce a word?

A. dictionary
B. glossary
C. thesaurus
D. encyclopedia

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100 Free Practice Questions

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