i-Ready Diagnostic for 5th Grade

i-Ready Diagnostic 5th Grade Sample Questions

The i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive online test that is intended to show your child’s understanding of Math and Reading and help figure out what your child is ready to learn next. As an adaptive test, questions will get easier or harder depending on how your child is progressing on the test.  Questions may range up to three grade levels above your child’s current grade.

The i-Ready Diagnostic is given in the following order for children in 5th Grade.


  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking – This section gauges students’ grasp of algebraic principles, emphasizing patterns, relationships, and functions. Students tackle more sophisticated equations and employ various problem-solving strategies, building upon their learning from prior grades.
  • Numbers and Operations – In this section, students’ abilities to recognize and work with numbers are assessed, encompassing counting, comparing, and performing arithmetic operations. They explore more advanced concepts related to place value, fractions, and decimals.
  • Geometry – The Geometry section examines students’ understanding of geometric shapes and their attributes. They continue to classify and manipulate shapes while investigating spatial relationships, patterns, and advanced geometric notions such as congruence and similarity.
  • Measurement and Data – This section addresses concepts related to measurement and data, expanding on earlier foundational knowledge. Students learn to utilize various tools and units for measurement and practice interpreting and representing data in multiple formats, including intricate graphs and charts.


  • Vocabulary – The Vocabulary section evaluates students’ comprehension of an extensive range of words, their meanings, and contextual usage. Cultivating a robust vocabulary is crucial for reading comprehension and effective communication, and this section aids students in broadening their lexical knowledge.
  • Comprehension: Literature – In this section, students are assessed on their capacity to understand and interpret literary texts such as stories, poems, and dramas. They delve deeper into analyzing characters, settings, events, themes, and central messages, refining their critical thinking and interpretation skills.
  • Comprehension: Informational Text – This section concentrates on appraising students’ ability to comprehend informational texts, including articles, reports, and nonfiction books. Students practice pinpointing main ideas, supporting details, text structures, and author’s purpose across a range of informational text types, enhancing their comprehension and analytical abilities.
  • Phonics (if your child’s overall scale score is less than 511) – For students with an overall scale score below 511, this section helps reinforce their capability to recognize and decode letters and their corresponding sounds. They persist in developing their decoding skills, concentrating on more intricate letter combinations and patterns, vital for reading fluency.
  • High-Frequency Words (if your child’s score on the Phonics domain is less than 421) – For students with a Phonics domain score below 421, this section focuses on their ability to recognize and read high-frequency words, or sight words, frequently found in texts. Mastery of high-frequency words fosters reading fluency and comprehension.

Below you will find sample questions that are representative of 5th Grade questions your child will see on the test but are not taken directly from the actual i-Ready Diagnostic that is being administered this year.

100 Free Practice Questions

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1. What is the antonym of hostile?

A. barren
B. friendly
C. comfortable
D. fertile

Read the following pair of passages:

Passage A

I was helping mom put the shopping in the trunk, but her phone rang. She walked to the wall to get a better signal, and I finished emptying the cart. I must have nudged it when I reached up to close the trunk. A car started up on the next level, so I didn’t realize for a few seconds what was happening. When I turned around, the cart was already hurtling down the ramp straight towards an oncoming car. I was convinced there would be a terrible crash and put my hands over my eyes.

Passage B

The boy, Josh Bradfield, was praised by police for his actions. He had been skateboarding in the multi-story parking garage when he saw a shopping cart rolling down the ramp, unattended. Moving at considerable speed, he was able to intercept the cart moments before it would have crashed into Mrs. Baker’s car. Mrs. Baker, 76, was said to be shocked but unhurt. Police stated that Josh’s timely intervention probably saved her life.

2. What does Passage A suggest about the location of the cart as the narrator closes the trunk?

A. It is behind her.
B. It is near her mother.
C. It is at the head of the ramp.
D. It is between her and the car.

3. Where would Passage B most likely be found?

A. In a school essay
B. On a blog
C. In a news report
D. In a sports magazine

4. Which symbol goes in the blank?
7 ounces ____ 1 pound

A. >
B. <
C. =
D. ≥

5. What is the distance from the purple point to the blue point?

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
6. Ninety-nine is three times a number minus one.

A. 99 = 3x – 1
B. 99 = 3 + x – 1
C. 99 = 3x + 1
D. 99 = 1 – 3x

7. The future perfect tense verb describes an action that will occur by using what words with the past participle of the verb?

A. has
B. had
C. been
D. will have

8. Which of the following words is not formed from the root word legs, meaning law?

A. legs
B. legitimize
C. legislature
D. legal

9. In the following sentence, which word should the comma come before?
I don’t like to wear my shoes at the beach sand in my shoes makes me uncomfortable.

A. my
B. shoes
C. in
D. sand

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100 Free Practice Questions

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Hello, my students in 5th grade scored 527-543 on the reading diagnostic test. How are they doing according to your percentile score?


Thank you for reaching out to us.

Because the i-Ready can be administered up to three times a year, there are different norms for each administration of the test. Based on the National Norm charts for 2020/21, your student scored in the 20th – 39th percentile if this is the fall administration.


I love it it really helps me understand the meanung of a lesson wich is, try your best!



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This was easy because i have a 4.0 GPA.


does it have the ansewers so i can check my work


TestingMom.com offers explanations for all iReady questions (as well as all other tests)


It was good.

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