NNAT Pattern Completion

The Pattern completion section of the NNAT evaluates a student’s visual pattern recognition skills. This assessment requires them to identify the missing part within a larger design. The student’s task is to accurately pinpoint the absent portion, completing the overall pattern. They must rely solely on visual cues, making it crucial to conceptualize the missing piece accurately. It is recommended that students use a problem-solving technique like “trial and error.” This approach involves visually testing each answer choice to determine if it fits the overall pattern. During this process, students should continually ask themselves whether the missing piece aligns with the pattern’s entirety.

Fortunately, there are effective strategies to prepare your child for the Pattern Completion section of the NNAT. You can take an active role in their preparation by creating engaging pattern completion activities at home. Begin by printing out a pattern image, akin to the “Jigsaw-like” patterns featured on the Testing Mom website. Next, use whiteout to erase a small section of the image. Your child’s task is to recreate the missing portion as accurately as possible. Although this might pose a greater challenge for younger students, this activity encourages them to generate their answer choices, enhancing their critical thinking skills.

After your child completes their drawing, you can reveal the original image to allow for a comparison between their version and the fully completed pattern. This process aids in reinforcing their pattern recognition abilities. Additionally, you can explore the “interactive games” section on the Testing Mom website. The “Pattern Puzzlers” segment offers your child the opportunity to practice pattern completion questions specifically designed for the NNAT. They can choose a difficulty level to customize the questions they receive, tailoring the practice to their needs and ensuring a well-rounded preparation experience.

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Sample Question:

Parent: Say, “”Look at this pattern. There is a piece missing.” Then point to the answer row. Say, “Can you point to the answer choice that would complete the pattern if you placed it over the question mark?”

Answer: Choice A

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