NNAT Serial Reasoning

In NNAT Serial Reasoning, students engage in the analysis of a grid that features evolving shapes arranged across rows and columns. This section serves as a litmus test for pattern recognition skills. The primary challenge lies in the ability to detect intricate patterns and pinpoint changes within these shapes. Higher grades bring more complex shapes and subtle changes, requiring sharper observation skills in progressing students. Consequently, they must pay meticulous attention to variations in factors such as size, color, rotation, and other pertinent elements. Engaging with these questions not only refines their analytical abilities but also nurtures critical thinking.

In NNAT Serial Reasoning questions, students encounter a 9-box matrix housing a sequence of figures that undergo gradual transformations. Consequently, the ultimate goal is to deduce the next figure in the sequence by deciphering the underlying pattern. The fundamental inquiry at hand is, “What comes next in the series?” To thrive in this endeavor, students must meticulously scrutinize the changes within the figures and deduce the missing piece based on the established pattern. This exercise, therefore, serves to enhance analytical thinking and fortify pattern recognition, both of which are indispensable skills for effective problem-solving and logical reasoning.

To adequately prepare for NNAT Serial Reasoning, it is imperative to actively encourage your child to thoroughly review practice questions on TestingMom.com. Additionally, the provision of unwavering support and motivation plays a pivotal role in their success within this section. Consequently, this support helps in cultivating a profound comprehension of the requisite strategies for excelling. Moreover, consistent practice proves to be the linchpin, leading to augmented confidence and proficiency over time.

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Sample Question:

Parent: Say, “Look at the shapes in the boxes across the rows and up and down the columns. Do you see how they are related to each other? Can you find the answer that goes in the empty box so the designs inside the rows and columns follow a pattern?”

Answer: D – Each row contains 5 vertices stars of different sizes in different order.

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