NNAT Reasoning by Analogy

Reasoning by analogy is a cognitive process that involves identifying similarities between two different situations or concepts. When a common relationship or pattern can be found between these situations, it allows individuals to apply their existing knowledge or information from one situation to make inferences or draw conclusions about the other.

Reasoning by Analogy for the NNAT

In the context of the NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test), the reasoning by analogy section presents students with a series of geometric shapes and figures. Students are tasked with identifying distinct relationships and patterns within these figures. By recognizing similarities in how these shapes change, evolve, or relate to one another, students can apply their reasoning by analogy skills to predict the next figure in the sequence.

This NNAT section tests critical thinking, visual analysis, and drawing logical conclusions from patterns and relationships. It encourages students to use visual-spatial reasoning to interpret visual cues in the test questions. Ultimately, reasoning by analogy helps students approach problems, make connections, and draw conclusions based on observations and prior knowledge.

Playing games is a fun and engaging way to prepare for the “Reasoning by Analogy” portion of the NNAT. If you go to the Testing Mom website, you will come across a section that says “Interactive Games”. In this section, you can find “Analogy Galaxy Junior,” a game for practicing reasoning by analogy questions. They have the option of choosing their level of difficulty, on both the “picture” and “figure” analogy questions. As they improve on their skill set they can customize the questions so that they become progressively more difficult. Below, you can find an example of a “reasoning by analogy” question.

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Sample Reasoning by Analogy Question:

Parent say: “Look at the figure on top. They go together in some way. Choose a figure from the answer row that goes with the figure(s) on the bottom the same way the figures on top go together.

NNAT Reasoning by Analogy

Answer: C- Design moves clockwise

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