SAT10 – Listening Practice Questions

What is on the SAT10 Listening Subtest?

TestingMom is a valuable resource for SAT10 preparation, particularly in the listening section, which spans grades K-8 or SESAT through Advanced 2.

This section evaluates students’ vocabulary comprehension and ability to understand spoken content, including a vocabulary component that assesses word meanings. Centered on dictated passages covering literary, informational, and practical content, the subtest underscores Initial Understanding, Interpretation, Analysis, and Reading Strategies. TestingMom’s platform delivers customized assistance for SAT10 Listening test preparation, equipping students with specialized resources to improve their receptive skills and excel in this pivotal aspect of the exam.

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SAT10 Listening to Words and Stories (SESAT 1 – SESAT 2)

Sample Question (SESAT 1)

For this section, Say to your child:  I am going to read you a question while you look at some pictures. Listen carefully because I can only read the question once. After I read it, fill in the circle under the picture that answers the question.

Listen to the Question:  This year’s winner of the dog show had white curly hair and a puffy tail. Fill in the circle under the picture of the winner of this year’s dog show.

Answer: 1st dog above the bubble

SAT10 Listening (Primary 1 – Advanced 2)

Sample Question 1 (Primary 1)

Say to your child:  Listen carefully to the sentence I read. The last word or words will be missing. Then, I will say the three words or groups of words that are written in your test booklet. You will choose the one that you think best completes the sentence. (Read the sentence and the answer choices)

The boy went to toss his trash in the garbage can. To toss something means to:

A. stack it           B. throw it        C. move it

Sample Question 2 (Intermediate 1)

Read the story to your child, then read the answer choices.

In Pineville, fifth-grader Jake ventured into the snowy woods in search of logs for the family fireplace. A wrong turn left him lost, and as darkness fell, he encountered bear tracks, sparking fear. Undeterred, Jake retraced his steps, guided by the stars, the forest echoing with mystery. The crunch of snow beneath his boots marked his determined journey, overcoming fear to emerge, relieved, into the comforting glow of home. Jake’s snowy adventure became a tale of bravery and resilience, illustrating the spirit of a young explorer in Pineville.

Jake ventured into the woods because:

A. He always wanted to explore Pineville.

B. It was the best place to view the stars.

C. He was in search of logs to burn in the fireplace.

D. He wanted to prove there were bears in the woods.

Answers: 1. B,  2. C

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