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What is on the SAT10 Environment Subtest?

TestingMom is the top choice for SAT10 preparation, excelling in the Environment subtest for SESAT 1 to Primary 2 levels. With a tailored approach, it ensures students are well-prepared, making it the top choice for effective and targeted preparation in these crucial grade levels.

Young students generally lack formal science instruction but encounter life, physical, and earth sciences through natural and social experiences. In lower test levels, the Environment subtest integrates these sciences, focusing on general concepts that form the basis for understanding more advanced ideas in higher grades. The concepts align with developmental appropriateness and national science education standards.

The Environment subtest is part of the Complete Battery for SESAT 1 and SESAT 2 levels. However, for the Abbreviated Battery, the Environment subtest is exclusive for only the Primary 1 and Primary 2 levels.

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Environment Subtest for SESAT 1 – Primary 2

Sample Question 1 (SESAT 1):

Say: Look at the pictures. Who is the oldest?

Sample Question 2 (SESAT 2):

Say: Look at the pictures. Which comes first in the daily routine?

Sample Question 3 (Primary 1):

You want to have your teeth checked for cavities. Who do you pay for this service?

Sample Question 4 (Primary 2):

A resource is something that can be used for a purpose. Materials and tools are examples of resources. Which is NOT a resource?

SAT10 Environment Subtest Answers: 

1. 3rd image above the bubble; Based on the images provided, image three is the correct answer because an elderly woman is the oldest out of the rest of the answer choices, which include a young businesswoman and a child. A child is the youngest in this case, and the businesswoman is the middle in age.

2. 1st image above the bubble; The reason why the first image is correct is because you first have to wake up before you do anything else. You cannot take a bath without getting up first and you cannot go to sleep if you didn’t wake up in the first place. This is why the first image is the correct answer.

3. 2nd image above the bubble; The dentist is the correct answer because a doctor deals with your health and a chef deals with food. A dentist, however, deals with your teeth. Also, when someone is talking about cavities, they are talking about teeth because that is where cavities are found.

4. Time – 2nd word above the bubble; This answer comes directly from the information in the question. It states the definition and says that materials are examples of resources. It also states that resources are used for a purpose. Because water can be used for the purpose of making something or drinking, it is an example of a resource. Rocks are a type of material so that is also a resource. Time is the correct answer in this case because you cannot hold time as it is not a resource.

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