SAT10 – Science and Social Science Practice Questions

What is on the SAT10 Science and Social Science Subtests?

For SAT10 Science and Social Science subtest preparation, TestingMom is a standout resource. We offer tailored support aligned with current standards and research. With our user-friendly platform and diverse question types, TestingMom is an invaluable aid for students aiming for success in these assessments.

The SAT10 Science subtest gauges students’ grasp of life, physical, and earth sciences. It prompts problem-solving and inquiry based on a fundamental understanding of science, including the nature of science. Aligned with current science practices and research, the SAT10 Science conforms to the National Science Education Standards, Benchmarks for Science Literacy, and state standards. Throughout the subtest, students utilize reasoning skills, such as estimating, making calculations, identifying patterns, observing, recognizing cause and effect, reading standard instruments, and drawing conclusions. This challenges students to apply foundational concepts and skills as they navigate and respond to the questions.

The SAT10 Social Science subtest evaluates crucial citizenship concepts, emphasizing critical thinking skills and covering history, geography, political science, and economics. It maintains a balance between national and international issues, reflecting current social studies standards and aligning with the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Curriculum Standards and state standards. The history questions focus on the United States, Western civilization, and non-Western societies. However, the geography questions cover key themes. In addition, the political science component assesses understanding of the U.S. government. Lastly, economics questions adhere to standards in the respective field.

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SAT10 Science

Science (Primary 3 – TASK 3)

Sample Question 1 (Intermediate 1):

Which of these is NOT a description of a camouflage adaptation?

A.  A chameleon blends in with the color of its surroundings

B.  A stick bug looks like a branch of a tree, helping to blend in

C.  Snowshoe hares blending in the snow with their white fur

D.  Deer hiding behind a bush against its predators, helping them to blend in


Sample Questions 2 (Intermediate 3):

What animal is most likely to cross-pollinate?

A.  Dragonfly

B.  Bee

C.  Fly

D.  Ladybug


Sample Question 3 (Advanced 1):

What is the reason for meiosis in humans?

A.  Cell development

B.  Regeneration

C.  Reproduction

D.  Wound repair


1. D

While all four options involve an animal blending in, camouflage is an adaptation that disguises the animal from its predators.

2. B

Cross-pollination is when one plant’s pollen is transferred to another plant. Bees carry pollen from one plant to another.

3. C

Meiosis is the process by which sperm and egg cells are produced, and these are used in reproduction.

SAT10 Social Science

Social Science (Primary 3 – TASK 3)

Sample Question 1 (Primary 3):

Which is the largest state?

A. Alabama         B. California        C. Alaska         D. Texas


Sample Question 2 (Intermediate 1):

In which direction does latitude extend?

A. diagonally left to right

B. left and right

C. diagonally right to left

D. up and down


Sample Question 3 (Advanced 1):

In the triangle trade, what was the journey called that included many African Americans being transported from Africa to the Americas?

A. Middle Passage

B. Mayflower Compact

C. Civil War

D. Gettysburg


1. C 

The reason why Alaska is the correct answer is because Alaska has the most amount of land in the United States. This is proven with a map or globe that shows the United States. Texas is the second largest state, and California is the third. Alabama is the 30th.

2. B

Option B is correct because latitude extends horizontally. Latitude follows a left and right direction, distinguishing it from longitude, which runs vertically.

3. A

The Middle Passage was the journey of how African Americans sailed to the Americas to be used as labor. The other answer choices are also important events in American history, but not for what this question is asking.

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