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What is on the SAT10 Math Subtest?

TestingMom excels as the preferred SAT10 Math prep, providing tailored support for all levels. Aligning with national standards, it covers a wide range of concepts and processes, ensuring success in math readiness for every student.

The Mathematics subtests align with NAEP and assess concepts and processes based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (PSSM) and state standards. They cover number sense, operations, patterns, algebra, geometry, measurement, data, statistics, and probability, evaluating computation, representation, estimation, connections, reasoning, and problem-solving processes. For clarity, the subtests maintain consistent content cluster names across levels. Mathematics Problem Solving assesses problem-solving skills, while Mathematics Procedures measures applying arithmetic rules to problem solutions. Both standard and metric rulers are used in the Primary 1–TASK levels, and a reference sheet with formulas is provided for Advanced and TASK levels. Calculator use is optional in SAT10 Mathematics Problem Solving.

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Mathematics (SESAT 1 – TASK 3)

Sample Question 1 (SESAT 1):

Which picture shows zero hot dogs?

Sample Question 2 (Primary 1):

Ed had the number of popsicles you see in the first box.  He needed to bring a dozen popsicles to his potluck dinner.  Choose the box that shows how many more popsicles he needs to have a dozen popsicles.

Sample Question 3 (Primary 3):

The sun sets 2 minutes later every day fro a certain week in June. If it sets at 4:06 on Monday, what time will it set on Friday?

A. 4:08             B. 4:12            C. 4:14            D. 4:16

Sample Question 4 (Intermediate 1):

54 x 92 =

A. 4,968          B. 5,200          C. 5,168          D. 4,932

Sample Question 5 (Intermediate 3):

Which of the following expressions is 5 times smaller than the sum of 4 and 10?

A. 4 + 10/5          B. 4 + (10/5)           C. (4+10) x 5             D. (4+10)/5

Sample Question 6 (Advanced 2):

Plot the points A (-7, -3), B (-3, 8), C(6, -3). Then determine the area of the triangle formed by ABC.

A. 35.75 un         B. 60.50 un2           C. 71.50 un2           D. 143.00 un2


  1. 3rd picture above the bubble
  2. 2nd; 8 + 4 = 12
  3. C; 4:06 + :08 = 4:14
  4. A; 54 x 92 = 4,968
  5. D; The sum of 4 and 10 is put in parentheses and calculated first, followed by division of 5 (5 times smaller)
  6. C; (13 x 11)/2 = 71.50 un2


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